Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big News

So! My friend Kevin Czapiewski has put together a zine entitled PUPPYTEETH which includes several different artists from Ohio and beyond, inlcuding myself. They're hot off the presses, and will be soon available for sale! I got my copies last week, they look a-maize-ing. I am so proud to be  part of this.

Here's the cover. I would have a picture of the comic I submitted, but the file is big. Later, friends, later.

So there's one piece of big news. The OTHER big news is that on October 16th and 17th, two talks will be taking place at the Wexner Center, and they just happen to be two of the most influential artists alive today (in my opinion) : Matt Groening and Art Spiegelman. Yes. I think the Matt Groening talk is free and the Spiegelman one costs like, $4 for anyone, and free for students. Too great an opportunity to pass up!

over and out.

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