Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ok. ok. ok.

There's this girl online who makes sweet drawings. I found this one today and I loved it.

check out more of her stuff at binsybaby.livejournal.com

Other than that, here I am reading Tintin and livin life like it's GOLDEN

Thursday, December 16, 2010

sketches for winter

Lo siento, I'm no good at keeping this updated.

Here are some sketches:

P.S- Genghis Con went well! Thanks to everyone that could make it out. And to those who couldn't, there's always next year. (and a possibility that I may help John Greiner set it up! exciting.)

I'm about to head home for winter break. I've got some plans, most of them involve alcohol, but some of them involve drawing and developing the lithograph Golem silent graphic novel I've been thinking about. We'll see how that goes!

Until next time-